As a web developer with more than 10 years of experience I help customers turn their ideas into websites.

I work on a freelance basis focusing on backend development. Based in Munich I have been developing websites for clients around the country. I have worked for Europe’s largest ridesharing networks including mitfahrgelegenheit.de and carpooling.com with over 6 million registered users.

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What I Do

My professional capabilities are in general building high-quality back- and frontend websites and web services.
My work is based on modular, scalable and reusable code. From the end-user perspective my offered services are performance optimized, accessible and come with great usability.

Additionally I create content management systems (CMS) in WordPress or Typo3 according to your needs .

Working with different types of clients has enhanced my skills as a team player. I am accustomed to being a virtual team member with projects involving different contributors both inside and outside your company.

Planning a project and answering questions concerning software architecture are also services I offer.

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What I Did

I like to develop close and long-lasting relationships with my clients, to provide a service tailored to your needs. Working for carpooling.com for seven years I was responsible for mitfahrzentrale.de and worked closely on the mitfahrgelegenheit.de project. During my time at carpooling.com I developed the booking system and created the mobile application amongst other things.

Other references include the french startup BlaBlaCar, one of Munich’s largest dating communities MuenchnerSingles.de as well as Germany’s largest schlager-music website Schlagerplanet.com. Further projects and details can be found on the references page.

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You are looking for a web developer to partner with or have a project / idea you want to realize?
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